You want your vacation to be memorable but not because you got lost in the port and missed the boat!

Cruises are often planned years in advance. Entire new wardrobes are purchased, passports are renewed, pet sitters are arranged and more. The last task is getting to the ship without any problems and arguing over directions is no way to start a vacation.

Getting to the ship requires navigation to the departure pier among all the huge cranes, machinery, and freight containers and do you know about the years long construction going on in Long Beach harbor?  Uber is an option but that’s like asking a neighbor to drive you and it totally lacks elegance, relaxation, and it doesn’t mark the beginning of any celebration.  Plus does Uber provide complimentary bar? No. Trust us, you don’t want to be late because your not familiar with the lay-of-the-land at the Port of call. The last thing you need to do is miss the boat.

So how do you make your cruise vacation even more magnificent? You hire a chauffeured limousine to drive you to the ship of course. What could be better and it’s not that much more in terms of cost, than parking your car in a long term parking lot.

Our limo driver will collect you and your luggage at your doorstep and, chances are, you will not see your baggage again until you are on board and settling into your luxurious stateroom.

Most people don’t care to leave their car at the port for the length of their cruise vacation. The solution is to let us deliver you in style so your vacation begins the moment you step out of your front door and into our pristine Limousine or Town Car.

Our drivers are familiar with each of the ship departure locations for each carrier so there is no last minute stress in reaching your correct departure port. You enjoy only the pure pleasure of anticipating the wonderful ports of call and adventures that await you while you sip complimentary beverages during your limo drive.

Arrive like a celebrity, and get the celebrity treatment with After Five Limousines.

Bon voyage!

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