Rates & Deposits

Minimum Rental Period

We have a three hour minimum on Friday and Saturday for all reservations. We have a six hour minimum for proms and formals.

Guaranteed Reservation Only With Deposit

We will not guarantee a reservation without a cash deposit or a $50.00 deposit charged on a major credit card, or for customers who have an established charge account with us.

Minimum Billing Period

The minimum billing period is one half hour. A grace period of 10 minutes is allowed for trips that exceed the pre-arranged time. Reservations must be paid in full not later than one week before the date of transportation, unless the customer has established a charge account with us.

Stand By Rates On Flight Delays

We will charge $50.00 per hour standby rate if a plane is more than 30 minutes late and we were not contacted prior to departing to the airport to greet you.


Damages to the vehicle include breaking glasses, cigarette burns, damaging equipment, will create additional charges as appropriate.  Vomiting is a minimum $300 cleaning fee.

Overnight Fee

An overnight fee of $150.00 (driver room and board) shall be charged for each night a vehicle remains out of town and an additional $200 per day vehicle rental fee may be assessed which does not include use of the vehicle which shall be billed at its normal hourly fee for usage while out of town. If out of town usage exceeds $200 at the normal hourly rate, the $200 fee shall be waived.

Fuel Surcharge Fee

A fuel surcharge is added during a fuel rate increase at the pump. We have no advance warning on this from the suppliers so this may be added to your bill without prior advance notice to you.

Service Charge Added To Total

A 20% service charge is added to all totals. The service charge allows us to fairly compensate your chauffeur.

Deposit Information

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit may be required for some reservations.

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required for all proms and school dances.


Black vehicles in the inland empire attract and retain our very hot weather. Please be aware of our warm weather and its effect on the interior climate of vehicles.