The longest limo’s on record…

Most people think limo’s are only for the rich and famous although in recent years celebrities have been opting for Party Buses and stretched Hummers.  Just about any episode of the Orange County Housewives will display the cast loading up in a Party Bus for a night out on the town, local trip to Palm Springs or Los Angeles, or to the airport.  The Party Bus gives them the opportunity to get the party going and has plenty of room or the camera guy too.

Longest Limos Ever

Unless your in the limo industry, you probably wouldn’t be aware of the super stretched limo’s that have been made. They are fun to see, but if you want to arrive in classic elegance, they aren’t for most people.

The longest limo on record, according to Guinness Book of World Records belongs to Jay Ohrberg. It’s actually also the longest car in the world too, according to Guinness. It sports twenty-six wheels, a king-size waterbed, swimming pool and diving board, Jacuzzi, and helipad. It’s so long that it had to be made so that it bends in the middle for going around corners.

Longest Limos Ever

Other notable limos are a Mini Cooper (talk about an Oxymoron) that ended up being 27 feet long with six wheels, a corvette stretched to 22 feet, and a Dodge that was stretched and topped off with a camper for overnight comfort.

Longest Limos Ever

Airplane Limo

The research wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a limo made from an airplane, although this body didn’t need to be stretched.

This limo was made from a combination of parts from of Boeing 727 and Mercedes Benz bus. It includes a big screen TV, fireplace, a full bar, and seats up to fifty people. It rents for $100,000.00 monthly or it can be purchased for a million dollars.