The Presidential Limo, also known as “The Beast”.

Presidential transportation is a very serious task no matter who occupies the White House. The Presidential limos are redesigned and engineered every four to eight years and the features and protections get smarter and tougher each time, which is why it’s rightly earned the title “The Beast”.  It’s not as complex as James Bond’s Aston Martin, but it’s very close.

The current presidential limo is a 2018 Cadillac. The doors are eight inches thick, armor-plated, and weigh as much as the door on a Boeing 757. When the doors are closed, it provides an airtight seal in the event of a chemical attack.

The windows on the side, in the rear, closest to the president are bullet proof and 5 inches thick, and the steel undercarriage is bomb proof.

The fuel tank is also armor-plated and a special foam product is used in addition to the gas that would prevent it from exploding even after a hard direct hit.

Presidential Limo

Of course the limo has a phone, but it’s a satellite phone with a direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon.

The vehicle also includes a firefighting system, an oxygen system, tear gas canisters in the front of the vehicle, smoke-screen dispensers, Kevlar reinforced “run flat” tires, as well as bags of the President’s blood type in case an emergency transfusion is needed.

The Beast also sports night vision cameras and runs on diesel fuel in case anyone is wondering. The limo is not the only hi-tech form of transportation in the Presidential fleet, there’s also Marine One and Airforce One, the President’s helicopter and 747, which are also appropriately outfitted for the most powerful man in the world.

No matter where the president travels, he has his own communications system, physician, and close by there is always a military aide carrying the ‘Nuclear Football’, which is the briefcase which stores instructions in case of a military attack.

Traveling by limousine is a wonderful luxury we should all indulge in as you only live once.