If you ever have the opportunity to see how a car is stretched into a limo, jump on it. It’s so interesting to see the process.  It’s just like you would imagine, but so fun to watch.

The first thing they do is strip away the inside of the car as well as the gas tank, drive shaft and other components. Then once everything is exposed they cut away the interiors support structure.  Then the shell of the car is cut into two halves and the halves are separated.

Then the building of the new middle section begins.

How a Limo is Made

Steel frame rails are used to connect the front half of the vehicle with the back half of the vehicle, sitting about 12 feet away. Then the rails are welded to each half of the original car.

Next they position the drive shaft tunnel which houses the steel drive shaft and exhaust pipes and it is then welded appropriately.

Next the galvanized steel floor goes in and it is welded to the frame rails and tunnel.

The steel roof rails are added next and welded to the original vehicle halves. A vertical side post is added in the middle of the new space for strength.

Next the galvanized roof panels are put into place and welded and the vehicle is now starting to look like a limo.

How a Limo is Made

The steel frames if the interior setting is then added followed by the most important part, the cocktail bar. The exterior body panels and steel crash bars are then installed, and painting follows. Once the paint is dry, the safety glass (windows) are installed.

If a vinyl roof is wanted, contact cement is sprayed onto the roof, followed by the sheet of vinyl. Chrome molding is used to hide the rough vinyl edging on the vehicle for a good cosmetic finish.

In the meantime, the leather benches go into the vehicle and the back seat of the original car is typically reupholstered to match the new upholstery.

The electrical panel is installed behind the driver’s seat and the center console in the drivers cab is reinstalled.

Floor mats and final details are added and all systems are checked.

The process is about 21 days depending on the size of the team.

Enjoy riding in the lap of luxury.